The Social Politics of Deliberate Clashes

Recently, I’ve had to reevaluate my stance on Islam and the western world particularly with regard to Radical Feminism. The below quote comes from the article I am sharing:

” Our society, and especially the left, tends to reflexively celebrate dissenters. But some heretics are more welcome than others.

In the case of Islam and many cultures that embrace its ideologies fully, the piety of multiculturalism clash with what should be an imperative of feminism (i.e., forcefully standing up for the basic rights of women in Muslim societies), and feminism tends to lose out.

“The concern,” as one feminist wrote of Hirsi Ali, “is that her intervention into the issue of gender equality in Muslim societies will strengthen racism rather than weaken sexism.”

I am inclined to agree. In our rush to accept and embrace multiculturalism there comes a time when we must say, straight up, that not all cultures are equal or desirable in the Western world. Islam, like any other religion, can and has been molded to fit barbaric cultures that are downright harsh and destructive toward women. As mainstream feminists embrace posted videos of upper class Muslim women who mask the reality of the poorer women in Muslim countries (the fact that many of these women live in the West does not escape my notice. Speaking openly and freely without fear of violence for the most part is a western value) the far left takes these words at face value since it plays into an agenda that tries to make this a racial issue rather than a cultural and religious one.

While mainstream feminists are championing issues like manspreading, mansplaining, safe spaces, and gender identities; young girls are married off to grown men. Women are having their clitorises removed and their vulvae sewn shut. Women are stoned for being raped or experiencing sexual harassment. Women are having acid thrown in their face for failing to meet marital or social expectations. Women are experiencing corrective rape for being lesbians. Assault is not considered a criminal offense since some structures are so rigid even stepping one toe out of line warrants vicious attacks.

Trump mentioned “grabbing women by the pussy” but when this happens to women in refugee camps or in the streets of bustling European cities the silence is deafening.

“Not all Muslims!” they say, but enough is all it takes. Enough that women experience this kind of abuse and even forced prostitution when these men enter their societies and no amount of rose tinted glasses or faux multiculturalism is going to mask that.

“But what about Christianity?!” They’ll say and rightly so, but the desire to protect one religion while denigrating another THAT PERPETRATES THE SAME CRIMES shows the supreme hypocrisy of those words. Women are in danger and the idea that we seek to welcome and protect these cultures and peoples within our own borders, opening ourselves to regression in our communities and the stifling of free speech to avoid appearing “racist” goes against the very values many have fought, resisted, and even at times DIED for.

As feminists we need to take a CRITICAL look a what we’re introducing. We need to take a CRITICAL look at how religions and cultures impact women and discuss openly and honestly what these ideologies and cultures could bring into our own societies.

I’m prepared to be called racist. As a black woman, it is expected of me to agree with, cape for, and write positive opinion pieces on the glories of multiculturalism. But I am of Western culture. I am impacted by the age of post-enlightenment and I am more concerned with the actual plight of women within these cultures, societies, and religions more than I am about rooting for some underdog. All cultures are not created equal and all cultures do not mesh with the west and it’s time we drop the guilt and start admitting that.